Saturday, August 3, 2013

Day One starts tomorrow

Here is my current daily schedule.  In fact, just for fun, here is today's schedule.

10:00 AM - Woke up exhausted. Started son on set 1 of schoolwork.
11:00 AM - Woke baby up. Nursed him.
12:00 PM - Got dressed. Checked schoolwork. Got kids dressed. Headed to town.
1:00 PM - Arrived in town. Grabbed a "snack" at McDonald's.
1:30 PM - Went grocery shopping.
3:00 PM - Emergency in parking lot on way out of grocery shopping.
4:00 PM - Home. Took pictures of the boys. Unloaded groceries. Baby down for nap. Started dinner.
5:00 PM - Started math with son again.
6:00 PM - Hubby home. Worked on dinner.
7:00 PM - Dinner.
8:00 PM - 25 minute conversation w. hubby. Started son on math again. Hubby to bed.
9:00 PM - Son to bed. Began writing letters. (checked on baby - never woke up - must need sleep)
10:30 PM - Started this blog and trying to solve this problem.
???? - Bedtime for Mom.

Edited to add:

11:15 PM - Baby woke back up.  Nursed baby.  Gave baby a snack. 
11:45 PM - Baby back to bed.
12:00 AM - Finished Rosary in Latin for the first time as a "yay me" thing.  Yup - Geek issues. ;)

Tomorrow's schedule:  Hopefully a VAST improvement for my mental health if nothing else.

8:00 AM - Breakfast (you may note I didn't eat much up there)
8:30 AM - Check emails and FB on computer.  GET OFF COMPUTER.
9:00 AM - Oldest eats breakfast, starts schoolwork.
10:00 AM - Family walk to the park.
12:00 PM - Lunch - probably at the park! ;) Then a walk home.
1:00 PM -  Family Rosary
1:30 PM -  Baby down for nap.  Check emails. 15 minutes cleaning.  Son starts math. Mom time.
4:00 PM - Start dinner.  Check emails and FB.  15 minutes cleaning.
6:00 PM - Dinner. COMPUTER OFF.
8:00 PM - Baby to bed.
9:00 PM - Son to bed.  Check emails and FB. 15 minutes cleaning.
10:30 PM - Bedtime for Mom.

Tomorrow I will post:

1. What I eat and when I eat it.
2. How much water I drink.
3. How much exercise I get.
4. My mood throughout the day.
5. How close to this schedule we managed to be and if Mommy time happened.

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